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Sarit Chaet Hudis
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More Code in Less Time

Even if you're a morning person ☀️, you probably need some time in the morning to start being productive.

For me, the most time-consuming part until I actually start writing new code is "reloading" the context of what I'm doing and understanding what is the next step.
And the more this context and next step is clear to me- the faster (and less intimidating) it is for me to get going!

The Best Way to End Your Day

That's why I try to always end my days like this:

  • A hint about where I'm stopping, i.e a specific comment like //look at <component name> and create a similar version in <other place> or //test also for mobile
  • If I can end the day in a commit, that's best but if I don't have anything wrapped up enough- stash + a very readable name!

The Worst Way to End Your Day

  • In the middle of a pile of sh*t 💩- with lots of code commented out, console logs and not having any idea what's going on!
  • In this case, if my time's up (kids...) it's better to revert to a clean slate and start anew tomorrow, but again I leave myself a hint or specific task like: //Make this load only when needed.

What's your end-of-day routine like? Or, do you have any more tips to get the flow going? 😊 Leave your thoughts here!

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