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What's your promise for 2018?

My Promise for 2018

Year2018.hardwork.then((success) => {
console.log('work harder');
}, (failure) => {
console.log('Never give up');

HappyNewYear2018 #javascript #JS #es6 #promises

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aurel kurtula • Edited

  .then( set => set('stop eating sugar') )
  .then(success => console.log('See how easy that was'))
let marathon = target('5am/31/dec')
  .then(set => set('run 30 mins, bike 10 mins, row 10 mins') )
  .then(repeat('3 times a week, adding 10 mins to the run each time') )
  .catch( error => {
    console.log("nice try, there's no error here,")
   marathon.then(repeat('see, you just needed a day off') )
   .then(end=> {
      console.log("august: ran 42.195 kilometres")
   .then(success => {
     console.log("tweet that bronze medal :) ")
   .catch(error => {
      console.log("in december 2017, you could only walk for 10k, now  you can just shy of the targeted length, not bad")
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Ethan Arrowood

I think I'm going to try for:

const Year2018 = async () => {
try {
let success = await workHarder();
console.log(Keep working hard!);
} catch (err) {
console.log(Learn from your mistakes);

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Arvind Sharma

Hello there. This is Avin, a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer who has spent the latter half of 2017 learning Java and Python with the aim of switching career as a full time developer. My skillset includes experience as a Selenium Automation Engineer with Java as the scripting language. Almost done with my Python Foundation Nanodegree from Udacity and on the way to enroll for another one. I see 2018 as the foundation for building my career as a Data Scientist. Taught myself to play guitar in 2017 and will continue to advance my guitar skills in 2018. Excited to learn and unlearn new stuff in 2018.

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Good luck!!

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Alex Pliutau

Commit code to GitHub 365 days in a row. Created a tracker for this -