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Easiest way to deploy your app!

You just finished programming your app and want to host it on the cloud, you search for it but find over-priced apps. Well iv got you covered, you can use qovery, the easiest way to deploy your app.

Advantages of qovery -

  • Awesome free plan.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports both gitlab and github repositories.
  • Has a great community to help.
  • Engine is open-source

Disadvantage of qovery -

  • Very new so missing many important features.
  • Running on a 'credits' system so if they are finished your app will instantly go offline
  • Does not support vendor lock in.

For this post i will be showing your how to deploy a discord bot on there -


Lets get started
First you need to push your code to your github repository(public or private both work). After that go to your qovery account and make a new project, give it a name and click create. After that you need to create a environment create it and then make a service. Name the service and select your github repo for it, hit create and then click deploy.

With that you have successfully deployed your application.

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