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The Philosophy Behind a Programming Language (Discussion)

This is not an educational post, it is a discussion. I am making a new programming language. The purpose is to make a surpassing general-purpose language that can solve most of the problems of the mainstream languages in the current generation. I have a belief, that writing efficient code is the job of compilers, not the toil of programmers. Programmers should only care about implementations of features, logic, and algorithm, not the syntax of the language. For example Rust, it sacrificed its programmers' development efficiency (borrow checking & lifetimes) in order to achieve generating a better and faster executable, of course without a garbage collector. (Perhaps this sounds offensive to Rust enthusiasts, my apology)
This language is in its planning phase. I wrote a document about the basics of the syntax and the "philosophy" behind it, and I deem that there must be numerous things that can be improved or corrected.
The link of
If you have any suggestions, please comment below or issue on GitHub (which is preferred) Hope you guys can write very detailed suggestions to me!

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