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Satyam Lachhwani
Exploring ways to find out what's good for me... Interested in web.
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I had applied to the Google SDE Internship 2021 a few days ago and I then received a mail from Google for participating in Google Online Challenge - Coding (Intern).

This is an invitation based contest, there are 2 coding questions to attempt with a 60-minute time limit for completion. It took place on August 16, 2020, and there were questions of average difficulty level of 30 pts. each, a total of 60 pts.


The problems were of average level and it was quite easy to clear partial tasks but I had to optimize my approach in order to clear hidden test cases. In 60 minutes of time, I was able to solve the problems partially and I tried to optimize them but was not able to do so.


The intention of this post is not to brag about myself but just to give everyone a sense of how it works and what exactly is GOC.

If you're willing to get into any of FAANGs, you should know about this.

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