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Why Dashboards are Valuable ????

  • Currently reading this beautify book called the "The Big Book of Dashboard" by Andy Cotgreave, Jeffrey Shaffer, and Steve Wexler.

  • This Guys have combine 40 years of experience of building and understanding Representation of Data on Dashboard to understanding your business progress of it.

  • Dashboard as Different value for Different position in the company.Which well help to understanding the progress going in the company for Top management and middle management would work on breaking down into corresponding Module to compare the difference in it .

  • The Above Image in Web Page size but the detail representation of the image is so awesomely Placed.
    Observation from the above Image Can be take as above:
    Revenue Wise Details of Sales Done with respect to Region wise for last year in week wise Details.

  • Performance of the Hotel with respect to the Group Revenue and the Region Wise Sales Performance .

  • Details of the Room Revenue Generation for 52 weeks and its Detail of the snapshot in the above graph which breaks down Availability vs Occupancy.

  • With each Week Average , High and Low of the Corresponding Week Performance .

  • The further Down is the Breakdown of the Revenue by Hotel with each Region and its Variance of performance with respect to Group.

  • Further Right is the representation of Map of world with All hotel marked into the Section with Symbols with Respect to performance of Revenue Generation.

  • Further Breakdown of the Dashboard on specific Overplayed Click
    Alt Text
    Break Down of the World Map
    Alt Text


  • Dashboards are the future for Decision making and business understanding as the data-points of business can be used and Place to generated the understanding from past Data.

  • Analysing your own Business VS Sector and Their performance Compare to your Market Share , Product reach to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cites is Very Importance Part of the Business.

  • Global Understanding of the Sector , Growth and Dominance of Legacy Companies can make your Projection more Accurate.

  • Best Way to use this would be integration of understanding into Tableau Visualisation ,Creating Stories and make Dashboards.

  • Data Analysis using Dashboard and Real Time Dashboard for decision Making is the feature of the Product based Industry.

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