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MongoDB Acquires mLab — What Are The Different MongoDB Hosting Alternatives?

MongoDB Acquires mLab — What Are The Different MongoDB Hosting Alternatives? ScaleGrid Blog

If you’re an mLab customer, you’ve likely heard the news that they’ve been acquired by MongoDB and your clusters are going to be migrated to MongoDB Atlas sometime in the next 12 months. While some are excited, others indifferent, and a few are just waiting to see how it pans out, there are a good number of users who are concerned about what this means for their MongoDB deployments.

If you’ve been monitoring this announcement on Twitter or the various developer forums, you’ve likely seen many wondering what other alternatives there are for MongoDB hosting. Well, you’re in luck. There are many different options out there, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you could be better off with a different MongoDB DBaaS solution. Let’s take a look at the different MongoDB hosting alternatives for mLab and MongoDB Atlas.

Compare MongoDB DBaaS Providers

So what else is available other than MongoDB Atlas and mLab? The top 3 other MongoDB DBaaS providers include ScaleGrid, Compose and ObjectRocket — all of whom provide MongoDB hosting, management, monitoring, and free support. Which one is right for you? This, of course, depends on what you’re looking for out of a MongoDB-as-a-Service solution. Check out this MongoDB Hosting Provider Comparison to see an in-depth breakdown of how these providers stack up against mLab and Atlas.

Compare MongoDB Hosting Providers: ScaleGrid, mLab, MongoDB Atlas, Compose, and ObjectRocket - ScaleGrid Blog

Now, let’s take a look at the different offers available for mLab customers who want to migrate before they’re forced to move to MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB Hosting Offers — Migrate From mLab

Let me start by saying that ScaleGrid, Compose, and ObjectRocket all have free 30-day trials available so you can test which platform is best for your application. I wasn’t able to find any signup offers for Compose, but ObjectRocket appears to have a Pilot Program for 6 weeks free. ScaleGrid, on the other hand, has three different signup offers where you can get a significant discount on your MongoDB DBaaS for 6 months, up to forever.

ScaleGrid Startup Program — Alternative to mLab Sandbox

Many of mLab’s customers are running on their Sandbox plan which provides free MongoDB Hosting for up to 0.5GB. If you’re looking for the best alternative for your mLab Sandbox account, check out ScaleGrid’s Startup Program where you can get 90% off MongoDB plans for 12 months. These plans are great for startup companies as you can actually host in your own cloud account (AWS or Azure) and leverage your free startup hosting credits to cut your MongoDB hosting and management costs to near zero. They even have some additional startup opportunities where you can increase that 90% discount up to 100% for the full year. These plans are fully managed on your own dedicated servers, and the only criteria for eligibility are you have to be new to ScaleGrid, have less than $1,500,000 in revenue, and less than $1,500,000 in funding. Pretty great deal for any startup using MongoDB!

ScaleGrid Switching Providers Deal — Alternative to mLab or Atlas Dedicated Plans

For larger companies or even small to mid-size businesses, ScaleGrid offers a Switching DBaaS Providers deal for 90% off MongoDB plans for 6 months. This option is great for mLab or MongoDB Atlas customers who are ready for a new MongoDB Hosting solution and are looking to save in the process. Depending on your cluster size, it can save you up to $16,000 in management costs alone, and, since it’s available on their Bring Your Own Cloud plan, you can also leverage Reserved Instances to save up to 80% on your long-term hosting costs. So, how does this work? The only eligibility requirements are having been with a different MongoDB DBaaS provider for a minimum of one month and being new to ScaleGrid. You can get one month free for every month you’ve been with a different provider for up to 6 months.

ScaleGrid 50% Off Your mLab Bill Forever — Alternative to mLab Dedicated Plan

If you’re an mLab customer hosting large production databases and are looking for a long-term cost-saving opportunity — you need to check out ScaleGrid’s 50% Off Your mLab Bill deal. This signup offer just launched today, and might not be around forever. There are no eligibility requirements, but restrictions do apply based on your current mLab plan type and minimum size. They’re turning around applications very quickly though, so just apply with your cluster details and you should hear back within the day on how they can cut your MongoDB hosting and management costs in half. Crazy.

So, you’ve reached the end of my spiel and I hope it’s proven helpful! If you’re an mLab customer concerned about your forced migration to MongoDB Atlas, you’ve now got 3 different MongoDB-as-a-Service providers to investigate to find your best long-term fit. So, what will you do for MongoDB Hosting?

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