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Pong - the arduino project

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This post is about a simple project of mine - a two player Pong console built with Arduino Nano 3.0 microcontroller.

This was my first project involving microcontrollers and assembling circuit boards. Working with Arduino was very straightforward, programming it was a lot of fun, especially that the limitations of the display and the microcontroller had to be considered during writing the program.

Some photos of the finished project on the breadboard:
Title screen

The source code of the Arduino program is available on my Github.

The schematic of the board:

Discussion (3)

karoljaksik profile image
Karol Jaksik

Looks really nice, have you thought about 3d printing a nice case for it?

sceptero profile image
Sceptero Author

Thanks! I actually did use a case, not a 3d printed one, though. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't find any photos with the case. :(

gabby1024 profile image
Gabby Mturi