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Introducing todos in noted cli v0.0.3

If you're new to noted, there's a great introduction here:

Introducing the todos subcommand!

Version 0.0.3 of the noted cli is out now, and introduces a new subcommand, todos.

The todos command lists your todos.

$ noted todos
/Users/jsmith/Documenents/notes/2021-12-06:todo Send out Christmas cards
/Users/jsmith/Documenents/notes/2021-12-08:todo Read Termination Shock, Jane recommended it
/Users/jsmith/Documenents/notes/2021-12-15:todo Pick up milk
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You can also configure any text string as a marker for todo notes. You can set the text string that is used in your .notedconfig file with the NOTED_TODO_MARKER variable.

For example, I've set my personal marker to this emoji: ✳️.

You can read more about it in the todo subcommand reference.

Speaking of which, the documentation has been improved, so take a peek at the README file.

I'm reminded that v0.0.2 has a grep subcommand too, which I forgot to post on here. You can learn more about that in the docs.

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Cool feature, seems useful !