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Poll: What is your prototype color?

seanclen profile image Sean Clendening ・1 min read

When I'm working in CodePen or debugging in DevTools, I'll usually default to using red on properties to get a quick idea of what I'm working with. For example: background: red;. I'm curious though, what color do you default to? I'd be interested to see if there's a de facto standard that we unintentionally realize or if the results are more random.

What is your prototype color?

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I'm stuck with the #008080 classic Windows 95 background color for some reason.


I like it, very soothing.


I had a teacher that started new projects with * { border: 1px solid gold } and now I do that every time


Ah, yes! All the borders!


With dark background I use- yellow and red with white background


For your next project go with red text and yellow background! You know... for great legibility


I will try for sure..


primary colors to see what is the css really doing and findout artifacts, particulary in react apps some properties can have a diferent behavoiur sometimes