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[Solved] How can I publish a post in my drafts?

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Currently, when I look at my dashboard, I see several drafts that I've imported via RSS.

I have "DRAFT", "EDIT", and "DELETE" buttons. Under each post

However, none of those buttons appears to give me the ability to actually publish a post. And unlike authoring this post, when I click "SAVE POST", it appears to revert back to the unpublished post, rather than publishing it.

Anyone know how I can actually get some of these out into the wild?


The post has a published: false piece in the frontmatter. Change it to true.

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yup happened to me too. duh! feature request: maybe have a button called "Publish" which explains how to actually publish a draft


Darn, it was so unexpected. As a newbie I was just searching for a button


It's weird. At various times throughout my past, I've logged into with my Twitter and Github respectively. On the account where I logged in with Github, I had a publish button and did not run into this snafu. On the account where I logged in with Twitter, I did run into it, and also have a different UI for publishing posts altogether (with just plain YAML up top and no publish button, just a preview button)


Oh yes, this happened to me, and it took me 15 minutes to discover your post. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing this tip! I really appreciate it!


Thanks for this! I was also expecting to find a Publish button somewhere 😅


Yup, I also missed the attribute published: false, and was wondering if it gets published automatically after following some process like Editorial approval etc.


I have given the title but it's still showing that title not be blank? I don't know what happens?


Great to find the post and solve my problem!


Publish button is needed - it is a fundamental UX/UI concept! Has somebody raised a feature request already?

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