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[Solved] How can I publish a post in my drafts?


Currently, when I look at my dashboard, I see several drafts that I've imported via RSS.

I have "DRAFT", "EDIT", and "DELETE" buttons. Under each post

However, none of those buttons appears to give me the ability to actually publish a post. And unlike authoring this post, when I click "SAVE POST", it appears to revert back to the unpublished post, rather than publishing it.

Anyone know how I can actually get some of these out into the wild?


The post has a published: false piece in the frontmatter. Change it to true.

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anishkny profile image
Anish Karandikar

yup happened to me too. duh! feature request: maybe have a button called "Publish" which explains how to actually publish a draft

seankilleen profile image
Sean Killeen

DOH! I missed the published: false in the frontmatter.

jcubic profile image
Jakub T. Jankiewicz

Note that deleting it will not help, it need to be set to true.

nisevi profile image
Nicolas Sebastian Vidal

same here :P !

robyconte profile image
Roberto Conte Rosito

Old but gold, thank you!

seankilleen profile image
Sean Killeen

Haha, thank you!

technoplato profile image
Michael Lustig -

It's weird. At various times throughout my past, I've logged into with my Twitter and Github respectively. On the account where I logged in with Github, I had a publish button and did not run into this snafu. On the account where I logged in with Twitter, I did run into it, and also have a different UI for publishing posts altogether (with just plain YAML up top and no publish button, just a preview button)

technoplato profile image
Michael Lustig - • Edited

Ah! I figured it out. All you have to do is change your editor version.

kadnan profile image
Adnan Siddiqi

Darn, it was so unexpected. As a newbie I was just searching for a button

bytrangle profile image
Trang Le

Oh yes, this happened to me, and it took me 15 minutes to discover your post. Thank you.

joelowrance profile image
Joe Lowrance

Thank you!

agilebelma profile image

Thank you for sharing this tip! I really appreciate it!

kevgathuku profile image
Kevin Gathuku

Thanks for this! I was also expecting to find a Publish button somewhere 😅

n350071 profile image

Great!! Thank you for saving my time!

securestep9 profile image
Sam Stepanyan

Publish button is needed - it is a fundamental UX/UI concept! Has somebody raised a feature request already?

guillaumechevalier profile image
Guillaume Chevalier

omg, that wasn't obvious at first

jlengrand profile image
Julien Lengrand-Lambert

Good one! Thanks

nebulagraph profile image

Great to find the post and solve my problem!

kaeruct profile image
Andrés Villarreal

Thanks for this post. This is a hilarious UX blunder

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