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10 Concepts I'd like to learn in 2020 as a fullstack Javascript developer

I'm a fullstack javascript developer, and here is my first post on Dev. I have set a goal for 2020 to write often.

2019 has been a year full of new knowledge and experiences. However, 2020 will be a new year of opportunities to learn new things. Here is a list of concepts, in no very particular order, that I'd like to learn in 2020. I probably can't learn them all, but here is my wish-list.

  1. Rust

    As a JS developer primarily I've never really dabbled much with lower-level languages. Rust seems like a great candidate and I like what I've been reading about it in 2019. I plan to do something, anything with it in 2020.

  2. Web Sockets

    A colleague of mine recently said something like "it's 2019, every project like this should utilize web sockets." I've been meaning to learn more and try them out on a side project for a while. Still, I have never really used them. In 2020 I will prioritize learning them. Maybe, or ws.

  3. Tooling - webpack, parcel, rollup, babel, etc

    I'd like learn more about advanced tooling for projects. My experience with webpack, parcel, rollup, or babel has been a bit minimal up till now. Outside of a pre-configured CLI.

  4. Static Sites

    I'm still not 100% sure how they differ from dynamic sites, and what benefits I might be missing out on. 2020 will be my year to put Gatsby and Next.js into practice and find out. I'm also looking forward to trying Netlify, Zeit now, etc.

  5. GraphQL

    This one I've put off long enough and the buzz can no longer be ignored. From what I've read this could greatly improve how I query a db for data.

  6. Flutter

    I love the idea of write-once/run-everywhere. Capacitor has been great for me in 2019, and 2020 will hopefully be a good year for Flutter. The developments in Flutter for web might make things much more interesting.

  7. React Native

    I dabbled with it a bit in early 2019 but didn't really love the experience. With some recent updates, React Native for Web, and the even slight possibility of a React Web Singularity -now I'm a bit more excited to try again.

  8. Docker and Kubernetes

    These I have somehow avoided as I've focused on frontend a bit more the past couple years. I'm looking to step up my deployment game with some powerful and popular tools in 2020.

  9. Deno

    The new JS runtime from Ryan Dahl, the creator of NodeJS. It is a whole new, separate version of the sort of thing NodeJS is, but entirely from scratch. Most concerns he had with Node are addressed from the ground-up. It's still pretty new but I'm ready to begin poking around with it. Here's a good and recent Dev article about it.

  10. Random JS concepts

  • Proxies,

    They seem pretty powerful. Can they help me solve problems or develop more streamlined solutions? Let's find out.

  • JS Generators

    I've been meaning to learn these but I'v been having trouble isolating a use case I'm interested in. 2020, be the year.

  • ES Modules

    Seem similar to imports/exports that I'm already using in my JS projects. How are they different? Learning opportunity.

  • Other advanced concepts

    Looking at you, Prototypical inheritance.

That's all I could come up with. If anyone has any feedback or ideas -please share.

Happy New Year!

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Gerard Klijs

With GraphQL subscriptions you can hit 2 and 5 in the same time. Top 5 + Docker seem solid choises. It's sometimes a gamble what to pick, but especially GraphQL and Rust seem great in my opinion, also still there is a lot work to be done to make it better.