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My latest project!: The Name Generator V 3.0

Hi, name's Sean.
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SO... This is kind of awkward


A few years ago I tried making a python generator that would yield a different name every 5 seconds unless the user chose one. I was in 6th grade... so as you might have guessed it didn't work(P.S. I was a clueless idiot). A year later I tried to do the same thing using ruby, and it still didn't work, that was at the beginning of 7th grade. So, I turned in a different direction using the same simple idea of generating names, instead of making them using time intervals I'd do something else. Something you'll get to see shortly.

On towards the second attempt!

Like the average psychopath, I tried the same thing again with little to no change, again and again.

Shake My Head
After I stopped my insanity...

I decided to do something foreign to 7th grade cringe, LEARN. So, after my night in the woods The Name Generator V 2.0 actually worked! You're probably thinking, The more you know
but in truth it was actually more like, You know nothing
because my journey to success was exactly like this:
I didn't know why it didn't work to me not knowing why it's working.

FYI, I'm competent now, I know what I'm doing.

It is time

Okay, I have wasted enough of your time. Here is The Name Generator V 3.0. Tbh, I hope it's not a disappointment. If you use, you can fork it and put a link to your version in the comments. If you have any questions put them in the comments below.

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itachiuchiha profile image
Itachi Uchiha

I’m going to use this while I create an anagram programming language like deno ~ node.

seanolad profile image
Sean Author

Cool, use it in anyway that you can