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4 Tools you can't live without

In this post I will cover tools I use in my day to day life as a software engineer, let’s get started. It will cover extensions, platforms and a terminal that I can guarantee will speed up your workflow.

1. Linear (Kanban Board)

If you have used Trello before it should be a seamless transition, but with benefits. Linear is the new way to build products, to streamline issues, sprints, and product roadmaps. The major difference where Linear really shines is it’s integrations, it enables github, Figma and Slack to name a few, to easily move issues based on e.g Github pull request with no extra setup.

And the modern design is a nice change too, really makes you feel that we have moved into the 21st century.

It’s worth mentioning, you do need to authorize with the corresponding platform like Github to make it work.



2. Advanced New File

advanced-new-file is a Vscode extension that allows you to create files anywhere in your workspace from the keyboard, very neat extension if you are like me and hate to move your hands from the keyboard.
Source From Github Repo

3. Warp (Terminal)

The terminal for the 21st century, with features like auto completion, something they call Blocks and multiple tabs for all your scripts to run at the same time, and a lot more covered right here.

The main reason I use Warp is funny enough not warps features but rather the fact that it is an external terminal that keeps running despite my code editor. But it’s worth a try.

It’s worth mentioning, Warp is for MacOS only for the time being, but will come to Windows at some point.


4. Html Tag Wrap

htmltagwrap Wraps your selection in HTML tags. It can even wrap selections that span multiple lines. htmltagwrap is the extension I thought I never needed, but turns out I can’t imagine myself without it. And as we established I love the freedom of using the keyboard for every task possible, so this extension is another one for the books.

How to Use It

Select one or more blocks of text or strings of text.
Press Alt + W or Option + W for Mac.
Type the tag name you want.
Source From Github Repo

So I think this covers it. I hope you could use this and got inspired to try one of the four apps in this post.

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Me • Edited

Html tag wrap is not needed anymore as vscode has this feature built in.

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Sebastian Christopher • Edited

That's good to know, thanks.