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How to complete your "Pending Projects"?

We all feel enthusiastic at the initial stage of a project, but after a few days, what happens?

I know we all face this situation, where we don't want to continue a particular project, for which we have had already thought of so many things, that I will add this feature, and this will be my best project ever, but why do we leave that project in between.

There can be a few reasons for that:

  1. Most common is that we got a new idea, and that is much more interesting to work on.

  2. You don't know the tech stack that your project requires. In this case, you will think that it will take a lot of time to complete this, because I have to learn all the tech I need, and then only I can start working.

  3. You are seeing other people. Means that you are now comparing yourself with others, that these people are doing so good, and making so many good projects, and I can't even work on this one.

  4. You think this is a lot of work to do, and require a team to do that, and you don't have one.

  5. You got some more important work.

  6. If you're a student, you'll be busy doing your academics, that you may not get the time to do the side-projects.

  7. You may fail.

There can be many more reasons for that too, some personal too.

Now maybe you'll agree to these points, that "Yes", this happens, but how to get out of this?

It may sound cliche but the truth is, you need the same motivation you had when you started and thought about the project.

Things that can help you

  1. Don't think too much about the end result, because that will be all in your mind, and you will feel all the things, that you can feel at the end of that project, the excitement must be there till the end.

  2. Don't work too much in a day. Maybe you will feel bored after sometime.

  3. Take some challenges, like commit to someone, or publically(if it's a common project), that can be interesting, because now so many people will see your milestones, and if you don't complete that, then you will feel bad.
    For example, people take 100 Days of Challenge and publically commit that they will complete that.

  4. Don't set the bar too high. The project may not be like you thought, but it should be about the learnings.

  5. Whenever you start a project with a new tech stack, there is no loss, you will only learn that, and for the first time, it's okay, if you don't complete the whole.

  6. Break the project. Set some goals.

  7. Be positive, be strong!! You can definitely build a project. Don't feel demotivated. If you do, then take a break, taking breaks is never a bad thing, listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, do whatever you like, that can bring the same excitement for building/working on that project.

  8. Take time to think, don't just start implementing the project, think about everything, it's Pros, Cons, how it can help you? etc.

  9. Use some app/diary to mark your daily progress.

  10. Stop thinking, and start implementing.

I hope this blog will help you. If you like this, then do follow me, and connect with me on other platforms.
Happy project building! :)


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kudos. Keep motivating

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Seema Saharan

Thank you