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Give your GitHub repository some insightful eye-candy

During a small hackathon we at Axiom Inc. we put together a small nifty tool.

The motivation behind it was to:

  • Share interesting stats about your project activity, from code to issues.
  • Let everyone see the top contributors, giving them well-deserved visibility.

We came up with Repobeats.

Repobeats is a way to embed contributor analytics into your GitHub project's
With Repobeats, contributors and users of your projects get a clear, beautiful, view of how your project is evolving over time.

Why should I use Repobeats? you may ask!

You should use Repobeats if you would like some deeper insights into how your project is evolving in regards to contributions and contributors.
Contributions evolve over time as projects mature, however it is often difficult to get the important details from GitHub directly. By presenting clear charts for issues, pull requests, and pushs/commits, Repobeats allows you to visually see changes in contributions over time.
This allows you to manage your project better and potentially entice new collaborators if they can see a clear way in which they could start helping the project.

Repobeats is completely free. The service is maintained by Axiom Inc.
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