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sensenet joins #hacktoberfest again

This is the second time Sense/Net participates in Hacktoberfest event to encourage developers to familiarize with our product and get in touch with the community.

This year we are much more prepared compared to 2019 last minute Hacktoberfest participation. We started brainstorming months ago, thanks to that we now have a dedicated website for the event with all the required information to help you contribute and get your sensenet super swag!

Along with Hacktoberfest we also launch our new cloud-based model, sensenet as a service (SNaaS) in BETA 🚀. Your task will be to write small tests for the admin ui of SNaaS repositories, making the whole experience even more reliable for everyone. To start, you’ll have your own repository to work with during Hacktoberfest (and you can keep using it after the event 😉 )

If you participate in our Hacktoberfest event, you are lucky ‘cause you can have more storage, users and content for free till the end of 2020. Aaaaaand… you’ll also get 10% off from your subscription from January 2021!

Of course that’s not all. We also have some super swag for this year’s celebration. If you have some really old socks 🧦, this is a great time to replace them with our limited edition Hacktoberfest socks (more details later). You need to hurry since we only have 60 pairs.

Since this is a special event (Hacktoberfest along with BETA launch) we need your feedback more than ever to help us make the service as good as possible for you and everyone else (we'll give more info about this dedicated channel later).

So there’s nothing left but to visit our site to jump in!

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