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sensenet #hacktoberfest update!

Join our celebration and improve your JS skills and earn your super swag easily! Write end-to-end tests using Cypress for different use cases.

As you may know the open-source community celebrates #hacktoberfest this month. sensenet also participates in this event by proposing limited edition socks as a reward for solving #hacktoberfest labeled issues on a dedicated GitHub board.

To complete the challenge you have to register a free sensenet repository (see more details here) and choose an issue from the board.

So far we have twentyish repo registration (which is quite good) but the progress on the hacktoberfest board could be better.

So what kind of issues we prepared for this year's celebration?

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Basically you have to write end to end tests in JavaScript for different test cases like breadcrumb feature or document viewer (you can see the full list on the dedicated GitHub board).
For end-to-end tests we use Cypress (an all-in-one testing framework) which makes setting up, writing, running and debugging tests easy. To learn more about Cypress visit their documentation site.

We are also here to help, so if you're stuck, drop us a message on Gitter or comment on the issue in question.

Your efforts will be rewarded by a limited-edition sensenet #hacktoberfest socks. We can share a sneak peek from the work in progress and we will share the final design very soon so stay tuned.

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Come celebrate with us, improve your JS skills and earn your super swag!

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