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Array of weak in Swift.

Array of weak references in Swift.
Create a generic wrapper as:

class Weak<T: AnyObject> {
  weak var value : T?
  init (value: T) {
    self.value = value
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Add instances of this class to your array.

class Stuff {}
var weaky: [Weak<Stuff>] = 
  [Weak(value: Stuff()), Weak(value: Stuff())]
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When defining Weak you can use either struct or class.
Also, to help with reaping array contents, you could do something along the lines of:

extension Array where Element:Weak<AnyObject> {
  mutating func reap () {
    self = self.filter { nil != $0.value }
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The use of AnyObject above should be replaced with T - but I don't think the current Swift language allows an extension defined as such.

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