So I sat down to do some work...

sergix profile image Peyton McGinnis ・1 min read

...and I looked at my messy workplace, and thought:

"Man, I really need to refactor my desk."

Apparently I've been writing code for too long today.

(true story)


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I once painted something on a paper sheet and drew something wrong. I watched my left hand immediately position itself to press CTRL+Z 😅


I've done that before. More commonly though I'll accidentally misspell a word while writing and think, "Why aren't the red squiggly lines showing up?"


Sometimes I find myself looking out the window and wondering where the heck my cursor is.

Then I realize it’s not that kind of window.


These sounds pretty effective, tbh.


hahaha! This reminds me of a chat with a friend a couple of years ago. We were discussing winter boots (we're in a snowy part of Canada with often icy sidewalks and we both walk a lot instead of driving). One option he was looking at was the same boots I had, which had some features to help prevent slipping.

A few days later I asked him if he had found something. He said, "well, I looked into the same model of boots and realized they didn't fit my use case..."

I burst out laughing.


There should only be keyboard, mouse, notes and a pen on your table.
Keep it minimal to increase your focus on actual code.


Thats way my desktop is without any shortcut on it, using UELI for quick access, and it works like a charm


My desktop is similar, but I use Taskbar Magic to completely hide my taskbar (it's the only program I've found that actually works).

And I use Keypirinha as my launcher.