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Time. GitHub History. Commit From 2000. How I Submitted Into Past.


Github created in 2008. Remember.

This short but exciting one happened to me before Christmas Eve when I travelled from Istanbul to Dubai and back to Toronto.

I had one minor final assignment due December 24th and thought it was enough time to submit it. My professor needed a GitHub link with a commit for submission, and a deadline was midnight.

While preparing for the plane, I somehow missed the submission and forgot it cost 10% of the course. I didn't have the internet on a plane but thought I could do something at the next airport.

I understood that in a few parts of Canada, it was still 23rd. But my GitHub was already set to December 24th in my timezone. I knew that if my computer could be located virtually in Canada, I could submit it on time, but how?

Ask yourself how to submit something that you already missed?

My first approach was to change my network location and maybe data/time. I was desperate and googled anything from "How to change my IP" -> "To VPN."

I had a school VPN on my computer and had a different custom one, neither of them worked cause my custom was not accessible for servers in North America, and my school VPN didn't change my location. Still, it gave me the idea that I could log into a virtual machine from my School or any free option, transfer files and submit them. Yet, it would be a lot of time to configure everything and set things correctly to commit into my GitHub. Time worked opposite my way. I started googling how to commit into the past day with GitHub. After 20 minutes of search, I found something like that:

git commit --date='2022-17-02 12:12:00' -m 
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"Let's go?"

What do you think ??

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It worked. I was amazed.
Did I start playing with it? Of course !!!!

I committed to my birthday.

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I contributed even into Future:

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To be honest, I even contributed to 2122, but GitHub doesn't produce UI for this :(

Philosophical thoughts.

Did you ever think about time? Where is the time starting? Where is time ending? What time will it be on mars?

Where is the time starting?

If it's Friday, February 25, 12:33 pm in Toronto, so it supposes that in Vancouver, it is Friday February,25th, 9:33 am
Tokyo, Saturday, February,26th 2:33 am
Beijing, Saturday, February,26th 1:33 am

What point on earth is the most in Future?

Let's see:
Line Islands, part of the Kiribati republic
UTC +14 it's Saturday, February 26, 7:33 am

Also, when Elon Musk reaches Mars, the extended time system problem will appear because Earth hour won't be equal to Mars Hour. We need to change Time System!

Greenwich Mean Time is starting point.
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My friends think I program and commit everyday, my manager and boss like my consistency, I do GitHub --History.

⚠️ How I Created Automated Code With AppleScript Blog Post: Link

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_p.s This post was made out of my curiosity

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