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What IDE and code editors do you use?

Hey there 🖐
Developers and testers from our Serverspace team prefer using Visual Studio Code. This editor allows working not only with Windows and macOS, but also with Linux OS. It has a lot of extensions, and we can customize the workspace with formatting and code highlighting. And a nice bonus is that you can get all these tools for free.

We are interested in what tools other companies and developers use. Please, share your favorite code editors and IDEs and say why you use them?

You also can read a selection of IDEs and code editors from our specialists:

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Ezpie • Edited

My much prefer code editor is vscode.
It's not just because it's popular it's main secret lies in it's extensions!
Infact because of it's extensions I stopped using atom! It have all the kind of extension I ever needed! I am a big front-end developer so most of my projects are front end but with the need of again and again refreshing my browser I get lazy! But since vscode had extensions for everything I was able to find a extension to auto refresh my browser whenever I saved a file. So no doubt that vscode is and will be the best code editor for me.

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Completely agree with you, our developers and testers also prefer using Visual Studio Code.