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Add Snooze functionality to Notification channels.

The simple way to add snooze functionality to your notification channels in your Laravel application.

use Carbon\Carbon;

class SnoozeData
    public Carbon $snooze_until;

    public function __construct(
        public int $duration,
        public string $type,
    ) {

    private function getSnoozeUntilTime(): void
        $time = Carbon::now();

        $this->snooze_until = match ($this->type) {
            'minutes' => $time->addMinutes($this->duration),
            'hours' => $time->addHours($this->duration),
            'days' => $time->addDays($this->duration),
            'weeks' => $time->addWeeks($this->duration),
            default => $time,

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$details = new SnoozeData(...Request::validate([
   'duration' => ['required', 'integer', 'between:0,1000'],
   'type' => ['required', 'string'],

  'snooze_until' => $details->snooze_until,

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