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Check Name Availability for Multiple Services

Hello everyone! This is going to be a little bit different than most of my posts in that it's quite short. I was searching for names for an Open Source project that I have been working on and found it very frustrating that the names I was searching for would be available on one platform and unavailable on another. This led to a lot of time being sunk into searching for a good name which could have been spent programming.

To aid me in this quest I whipped up a tool called Avail which is run from the command line and outputs whether the name you give it is available on a variety of platforms including GitHub, Dockerhub, npm, Twitter, .com, URL shortener available, and more!

You can install it via pip like so:

python -m pip install avail

And then use it like this:

avail [NAME] or like this python -m avail [NAME]

The tool's source code is hosted on GitHub and is licensed under Apache-2.0. Pull requests and suggestions for more services are welcome!

I hope this tool is able to help you out, if only to save a few minutes of searching.

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