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Furkan Bayram
Furkan Bayram

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Font family recommendation

Hi everyone ☕

In theese days, I work remotely because of the pandemic. So I have a little more time in the morning and I spend this time having breakfast in front of the computer and review the codes I wrote. I noticed that I was bored with the font family I used this morning. I think I need to change this to increase my productivity :) I am currently using "Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace". Which font family do you use when writing code? By sharing here, we may increase someone's productivity.

My code editor looks like below

My text editor

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Manuele J Sarfatti • Edited

I'm using Ligalex Mono, which is a version of IBM Plex Mono with added ligatures, you can find it here:

I find it's the most readable of the bunch, with added "stylish" touches.

Screenshot of Ligalex Mono in VS Code

I used FiraCode for some time, but it's a bit more boring. And I find it hard to read JetBrains Mono.

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Furkan Bayram

presumably I will use Ligalex Mono. I like it thanks a lot :)

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Grzegorz Próchnicki

Not so long ago I switched from Consolas/Inconsolata to JetBrains Mono (vide: ). They've put a lot of effort to make reading experience better and they achieved that.

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You can try a font with ligature, your arrow function will look like :

arrow function with JetBrain Mono

The most famous is