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Most commonly used library with react

🔥Scss(Prefer), TailwindCss
🔥Animation - Framer motion/ gsap(Prefer),
🔥React-spring, Anime.js (not to be used for simple animations)
🔥Redux (Not to be used with Next JS)
🔥Redux Toolkit(Prefer), Redux Saga,
🔥Formik for Forms, React Hook Form(Prefer)
🔥MaterialUI(Prefer), AntD (use only one library )
🔥For date formatting - date-fns(prefer), moment
🔥For Carousel - React-slick, react-responsive-carousel
🔥For toast - React-hot-toast(Prefer), React-toastify if not using mui or antd
🔥Share things Socially - React-share
🔥For icons - react-icons, @mui/icons-material
🔥For Videos - react-player
🔥For intersection - react-intersection-observer
🔥For pagination - react-paginate (if not using mui or antd)
🔥Onclick scroll particular section - react-scroll
🔥For conditional classes - clsx(prefer), classnames
🔥React-select for select component if not using mui or antd
🔥For GraphQL - apollo
Webpack Bundle Analyzer - @next/bundle-analyzer
🔥For google spreadsheet integration - google-spreadsheet
🔥For file upload and drag and drop - react-dropzone
🔥Form validation - yup

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