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Linux Basic Part-00

I am using Kali linux through out the whole Blog Series of Linux Basic Command to demostrate you the linux basic command.

  1. ls Command
    • ls means listing.
    • This command list the files and folders in the current directory. Screenshot 2021-06-03 230502
    • you can also use (-l) flag in ls to see the list of files and folders with, at what time they are created , permission that given to them, etc. i.e- ls -l Screenshot 2021-06-03 230525

2.pwd Command

  • to view the current directory you are working in. Screenshot 2021-06-03 230605

3.clear Command

  • clear everything on the terminal. Screenshot 2021-06-03 230629

4.exit Command

  • this command is used to close the terminal. Screenshot 2021-06-03 230324

If you are having any problem in understanding the commands you can watch the video through the link that is given below:-
linux basic part- 00

Hope you like the 00 part of blog series of linux basic command blog.

Part 01 - Link basic part - 01

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