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How Good are You at CSS?

How good are you at CSS?

I am absolutely trash, I simply am just not that good at it.

What about you?

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Arif Imran

Heyy .... I'm not expert in css but I can make lot of complex layouts. Css is a constant learning thing, I think nobody can master css .. it takes a lot of time and practice. And for me, I didn't want to invest my whole year on css that's why I moved on and learned Tailwind css and it's epic. After learning tailwind, I know this subject more than before. ❀️

dendihandian profile image
Dendi Handian

If CSS is too scary for us, then Tailwind will relieve us.

shadowtime2000 profile image
shadowtime2000 Author

After learning tailwind, I know this subject more than before.

That's pretty interesting

aazambakali profile image

I am an expert at googling 🀣🀣🀣

alexandrudanpop profile image
Alexandru-Dan Pop

I think if you understand the box model, margins, paddings and flexbox you should be fine 90% of the time.

People also don't learn CSS because they use tools like Bootstrap or Tailwind or Material. There is less incentive to learn CSS when you have these tools available.

araw830 profile image
Atul Rawat

I clone any design with my CSS and googling skill ...

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited on

I suck at design, but I get most practical points with flex and grid and media queries.

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leob • Edited on

Medium level (or am I kidding myself?) but my feeling is that it took a long time (too long?) to get to that level!

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Yair Even Or

I am very good. Over 15 years of work and more for fun: