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Testing With Deno - Framework

Testing With Deno

In this multipart tutorial I will show how to test with Deno.

The Built-in Deno Testing

Deno has it's own built in testing framework

// some_file_test.ts
    name: "my test",
    fn: (): void => {
        // Do some testing here
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And you can run these tests with

$ deno test
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But What Is Wrong With This?

Well, it is hard to have structure in your tests, like frameworks such as Jest and Mocha allow.

Rhum - The Deno Testing Framework

Rhum is a Deno testing framework created by the deno-drash REST microframework team. Let's take a look at how you use it.

import { Rhum } from "";

Rhum.testPlan("some_file_test.ts", () => {
    Rhum.testSuite("MyFunction", () => {
        Rhum.testCase("does stuff", () => {
            // Assert some stuff
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The Rhum testing framework allows you to have more complex organization of unit tests.

I will soon by posting a tutorial on assertion libraries.

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