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The Year I Finally Went After My Goals

Although I think that I still have a long way to go, I feel inspired by others in the community and I hope I can inspire others as well to write their stories or go after their goals. So, I decided to participate and share my story.

The Year I Finally Started Writing

I've always wanted to start a tech blog. However, I always felt intimidated and scared that my articles wouldn't be good enough or that I need to be at a certain level of expertise to be able to start one.

I decided to finally do it at the end of last year, then I stopped for a while due to some negative criticism. Then again I plucked up my courage this year and tried again, and thankfully I have been going strong and receiving a lot of comments that it has helped others. This has encouraged me to keep sharing my knowledge, and even learn more to share with others as well. I started learning new technologies and participate in certain challenges, then share what I learned.

Managing Open Source Projects

I also always wanted to contribute to open-source projects, but I felt unsure of where to start or how. So, in late September last year, I started my first open-source project sButtons and I've learned so much from it. I started it as a way to help other beginners to open source as well and working with the community has been motivating to keep improving myself. This encouraged me to start other open-source projects as well and gave me confidence.

Publish NPM packages

I've been able to publish 2 NPM packages recently, one for sButtons and one for use-dark-mode-hook for React. I gained courage due to the points I mentioned above.

Take On More Responsibilities At Work

I've been working at my current job for almost 3 years now, and this year I gained the courage to take on more responsibilities, managing aspects of projects and working in different technologies. I used to feel like my opinions wouldn't matter much, or I would be saying the wrong things, but as I started speaking up more I realized the power of my voice and that I could do and be more.

The Year I Found My Passion

Although I've been working for many years now as a developer, it wasn't until this year that I started going after my goals, learning more technologies, and trying harder to improve myself and help others as well. After starting my blog and managing open source projects, I realized that this is not a job for me, this is a passion. I feel happy creating something new, solving problems, and connecting with the community as well.

Last, I would like to thank any person who has said any encouraging or nice words to me, as it helped me keep going as well.

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