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What Is React.js ?

Hi Developers,

What is React.js???

So this is the center point of my today's article.

I know that nowadays many of you are familiar with react.js, read it somewhere on the internet, or maybe one of your friend is a react guy or else.

So why I am writing this post then???

As my follower knows that I am learning React for the last 6 months which I tell you all in my last post.

So I am trying to share my takeaways while learning to react, maybe it helps my beginner developers friends to grasp the concept of react.js

So without further ado, lets jump right into it.

The most simple definition of react.js is:

React.js is a Javascript-based Library to build User Interfaces and invented and maintained by Facebook.

Now, let's take this definition and break it into pieces.

We got three words:

  • Library
  • Javascript-based
  • User Interfaces

Let's start understanding these three of them first:

1. Library:

In programming, the library is said to be a code written by any other developer or group of developers to facilitate you while you're building anything, it's the same like the prebuilt functions or method we have in any programming language, Library does the same thing for us we just have to import the library and call its methods and functions we need, and it saves our lot of time by not letting us reinventing the wheel.

2. Javascript Based:

Javascript based means that the react library is written in core javascript(ES5, ES6..), Javascript is the building block of it.

3. User Interfaces:

it is the most important part of the definition, "USER INTERFACES"
for understanding it you need to keep one thing in mind, everything which is showing on the client-side is count in under the user interface. When I was new to web development I think the user interface languages for web development is just HTML and CSS, because HTML gives structure to the interface and CSS gives style and animation that's it, but When I move forward, I came to know that there is a guy who is responsible to make your user interfaces alive,Its Javascript, the user interface does not mean static colors or elements its also includes interactivity on the page and for the interactivity we use javascript, interactivity means not only making an element move from one place to another or hiding or appearing any element its also includes front end logics.

Now you have a brief explanation of all three words you see in the definition.

Let's reinvent the definition with our understanding.

A piece of code written by some developer or group of developers by using javascript language to make the interactivity on the user interface easy to develop, and the developers choose the name React.js to refer their that code.

So, you got that what react.js actually is.

Now I am 100% sure that the next question that comes into your mind is that "Why React.js In Invented, What's Wrong In The Existing Ways??"

I will surely answer this question in a very detailed manner in my next post.

Till then, tell me in the comments that are you excited for the next post??? and you can ask any question as well.

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Happy Coding!!!

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