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how a mid level front end web developer resume looks like???

When I just started my career I did a lot of research to prepare a great resume for my self, used canava for designing it and added all my personal projects which I made for learning , to show case what I know, and I have got a placement in a organization as a front end web developer where I mostly works on react.js, right now I am confuse that now I how I need to update my resume, is it still good to add that personal learning projects in the resume or what kind of content I can add in my resume to showcase my expertise???

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Chen Asraf • Edited

Show your best self.

If you are still enthused about open source, create projects regularly then feel free to display them. Link them on your website, show an example or write about it. It's a great way to evaluate your code before getting you inside the interview and see your overall level (especially if you are proud of that work).

If you haven't touched your personal GitHub in a while and your projects are becoming outdated, maybe consider which to keep and which to hide, or which to update if possible/relevant.

As for your actual CV, show your work experience and your education, and if you have a website/portfolio link to that, or to your GitHub (or both).

List your previous work places in order from most to least recent, and in your descriptions make an emphasis on the technologies you've used, your overall role as a developer, and your personal contributions that aren't necessarily in the job description ("created an initiative about...", "pushed to enforce code standards/tests/improve code quality", "mentored entry-level employees on...", etc)

If you have old technologies that you don't want to work with too much, make a mention of them but don't put too much emphasis on them. Try to talk more about the latest & greatest and what you look forward to working with/learning.

Also: your website is your spot to shine visually and interactively. Your CV/resume is your place to shine with words (and a good eye-catching yet professional-looking design doesn't hurt)