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Microsoft Build 2020 - For developers by developers - Join us for the 48-hour digital experience, at no cost, May 19-20

Hi Folks πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘‹, I just came to know about Microsoft Build 2020. Just posting some information for your benefit, its taken from the Microsoft Build website.

Register for this ❀️ FREE 😊 event here.

πŸ‘‰ Session catalog is here.

Every developer is welcome.

❀️ For developers by developers

As developers come together to help the world solve new challenges, sharing knowledge and staying connected is more important than ever. Join your community to learn, connect, and codeβ€”to expand your skillset today, and innovate for tomorrow.

⭐ More than a livestream

For developers by developers, a non-stop, 48-hour interactive experience straight to your screenβ€”but what if you can’t wait until May 19? Keep exploring leading up to the event and get a jumpstart on your Microsoft Build experience.

❀️ Cloud skills challenge

Earn a free Microsoft Certification exam and a chance to win prizes by completing a collection of online learning modules.

πŸ‘ Building something new

This is a different kind of Microsoft Build delivered in a new way. Presenting a digital event provides the developer community unique opportunities to come together for a truly global experience.

Its Free πŸ‘‰ Register Now

Hope this helps.

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