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markdown guide is your golden address when dealing with Django.

Do not use www prefix!

If your browser is too smart, just use with http protocol.


I use only but error is occur with Message " server IP address could not be found".


www is still there. At least judging from what you keep posting. Try

Some browsers (chrome) may change the address after inserting it without protocol indication.

www. Is automatically occur. I try both or
But still same problem occur.

You need to use http or try a different browser if you can't figure it out.

Have you run your app?

python runserver

If so, you should see the address where django is being served.

Hello Pavel,
I changed my Web browser chrome to Opera. It's working. Thanks for Helping

How to fix this error:

"You called this URL via POST, but the URL doesn't end in a slash and you have APPEND_SLASH set. Django can't redirect to the slash URL while maintaining POST data. Change your form to point to (note the trailing slash), or set APPEND_SLASH=False in your Django settings."

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