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Shakya Peiris
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Formna - A Form Validation Library for Vanilla.Js Developers

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well. It's been a long time since I have posted a blog post on and today I thought to share the details about the first NPM package developed by me about you. You can check out more details about it through the following links.

What is Formna?

Formna is a JavaScript library that you can use to implement form validation in your vanilla.js project. Also, it consists of a feature which you can send any request to any according to URL configuration set by you with the data fetched through the respective form.

Why Formna stands out?

Even though there are some other libraries that you can use to implement form validation in Vanilla.Js, I don't think they are much reactive and they do not have a feature that you can use to send HTTP requests by the library itself.

Story behind this library?

Even though I wanted to build a JavaScript library for a long time I wasn't able to do that. But, the previous weekend I participated in a Hackathon, and since its theme was save I came up with an idea which we can save time in development. My project was selected to the top 10 projects but it wasn't stronger to compete with other projects (ideas) and I made some mistakes in the Q & A session of the pitch. Even though I wasn't able to win a hackathon up to now, at the end of every hackathon I was able to build new things and gain more and more knowledge.


Using Formna you can build reactive forms in vanilla.js without putting in much effort.

Thank You!

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Bala Gopinaath

Interesting and all are need this Library

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Shakya Peiris

Thank You!