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The Impactful Role Of Blockchain On WordPress Plugin Development

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Nearly one-third of the websites all over the globe is powered by WordPress CMS. The popularity behind WordPress CMS results from the tremendous scope of customisation, flexibility, and scope of adding features with the help of thousands of plugins. But these plugins are also viewed as potential avenues for security vulnerabilities and threats.

Since you cannot do away with the plugins for WordPress web development, it is upon the developers to use high-security protocols and technologies while building WordPress plugins. Blockchain has emerged as the most secure and advanced technology for WordPress Plugin developers with a lot of value propositions.

Security Issues With WordPress Plugins

Since we are going to explain the role of Blockchain in securing WordPress plugins, any WordPress development company should have a look at all the security issues of WordPress plugins. Let’s have a look at a few and most prominent issues corresponding to WordPress plugins.

Authenticated File Delete:
This is a common security issue that allows the authors to delete files or change the data whenever he can have access.


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