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Laravel PHP Framework: Why it is Beneficial for Enterprise Business Websites

Laravel has been considered an exclusive and robust framework among the other PHP frameworks. It is open-source and a modern PHP-framework which is used for web application development. Laravel uses MVC – Model View Controller which has an architectural pattern used for developing user interfaces. Laravel has many features such as simple verification, session handling, secure routing, unit testing, and many others. It has become the first choice for small start-ups, medium and large enterprises for web development. As per the site point survey, Laravel was the highest voted framework among fifty countries across the globe.

Any enterprise application have complex features, component-based and distributed system. For building this kind of web app, Laravel can be a good choice to deal with a high level of complexity.

Here are the 8 crucial reasons for choosing Laravel for enterprise business websites.

1) Laravel is Open-Source framework:

The Laravel framework is the most preferred framework for a developer to develop the enterprise business application. Laravel is an open-source framework. It can be customized according to customer requirements.

2) MVC Architecture:

Laravel uses MVC architecture which provides built-in functionalities to developers. It also provides better documentation compared to other frameworks. Using this Laravel key feature, the developer can make high performance and large scale web app. This is also one reason that people choose Laravel for their enterprise web apps.

3) High security and enhance performance:

Laravel provides a high level of security compare to other PHP frameworks. It doesn’t allow any malware activities to enter within the web application. It makes your website data and code more safe and secure. If you choose Laravel for your web development then your web app will be risk-free from cyber-attacks.

Another reason to choose Laravel is its high performance of web apps. Laravel is using various tools which help developers to boost the web application performance. That’s means if you develop your web with Laravel framework then your app have the highest performance compare to other web apps.

4) Powerful Authentication:

The powerful authentication is one of the challenging functionality for web developers. The purpose of developing a Laravel framework is ultimately helping the website developers. They can create certain complex functionality much faster and in a better way. Laravel also allows to a developer can create logic behind providing access to authorized users.

5) Laravel comes with Blade Template Engine:

Using blade template engine, coding becomes simpler than before ever. This engine allows a developer to simply use pre-defined templates to create a new website or code. Another advantage of Blade is that it comes with readymade widgets which are having inbuilt JS & CSS code. This is the reason why Laravel web apps are light weighted.

6) Database Migration Systems:

Data migration is one of an easier task for developers. If you are developing a large scale and enterprise business website then you need to migrate the database. The data migration allows the developer to easily undo the changes made to a particular database. With data migration system, the developer can be able to share the database to other developers and they can work easily and smoothly with the team.

7) Less Developing Time:

As we discussed earlier, Laravel provides built-in functionalities which makes easier to code for developers. So, the Laravel web development is much quicker and less complex in comparision to other frameworks.

8) Dedicated Developer Community:

Laravel has dedicated developer community compare to other community. They are well updated and can develop the large module and on demand plugins. Thereby, if your developer face complicated functionalities then they are free to get professional advice from the Laravel community. So, it can help the developers and they can build high scalable and robust web apps according to you customers.


Therefore, you can see that Laravel is the best option for enterprise web apps which can enhance the performance and more security. It takes very less time for development. You will get certainly a number of audiences on your web and it will affect your business revenue. So, if you are looking to develop an enterprise web app then you can hire the Laravel developer but be assured that the web application will be according to your scope of work.

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