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Mock Aptitude Exam

Aptitude Exam

Aptitude exam is a mock test website for MCQs based questions mainly inspired by the MCQ exams held in colleges.
All information is served by a private API I developed. (Links can be found at the end of the post)


  • has a login option where students can log in with their id and password.
  • after logging in, the student is asked what category does he want to give the exam in.
  • the request for MCQs is sent to the API which returns a JSON object.
  • this JSON is parsed to be shown one at a time in the main exam region.
  • A timer is started after which the exam will auto-submit.
  • MCQ question and the options are displayed. The selected option turns green.
  • Questions can be marked for review.
  • An overview button shows all question numbers and gives details as to if they're answered and if they're marked for review.
  • On submitting, your result is calculated with answers to all questions with explanations.
  • also on submitting, your result is sent to the server to be stored in the file.

Purpose of the app?

I developed this mock test website mainly to get my hands dirty with React.js and web development in general.




Website is live on -

You can find a video showing the flow of the website on LinkedIn

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