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20 Twitter Follows for Android Developers & 4 Twitter Lists

Whether you are just starting your Android Development journey, or if you have been building apps since the dawn of time (let's be real the world before smartphones was never a real place). Twitter is a great place to meet other developers, gather resources that will help you in your journey/career, and ultimately make friends that share a common interest or goal.

Here is a list of 20 people and general accounts that I think you should be following if you are an Android Developer. Some of these accounts are obvious such as the Android Developers account, and others are people that I have grown to enjoy following and communicating with on a regular basis! If I missed anyone please comment them below or reach out to me and I will add them to the list!

Android Developers (@AndroidDev)

  • The official Twitter account of the Android Developer Team!
  • Follow this account for news and announcements as well as general Android team goodness!

Chet Haase (@chethaase)

Romain Guy (@romainguy)

Tor Norbye (@tornorbye)

  • Android Studio Tech Lead
  • 1/3 of the Android Developers Backstage Podcast

Jake Wharton (@JakeWharton)

  • Google Android Engineer

Adam McNeilly (@AdamMc331)

Nate Ebel (@n8ebel)

  • Android Developer at @pixiteapps
  • YouTuber

Kaushik Gopal (@kaushikgopal)

  • Google Developer Expert
  • 1/2 of the Fragmented Podcast

Donn Felker (@donnfelker)

Rebecca Franks (@riggaroo)

Dan Kim (@dankim)

  • Android Engineer at @basecamp & @helloweatherapp

Nick Butcher (@crafty)

  • Google Design & Developer Advocate

Ryan Harter (@rharter)

  • Google Developer Expert
  • Android lead at @pixiteapps

Annyce Davis (@brwngrldev)

Mitch Tabian (@mitch_tabian)

  • Android Developer
  • YouTuber

Vasiliy Zukanov (@VasiliyZukanov)

  • Android Developer

Dave Burke (@davey_burke)

  • Android VP Engineering

Ben Weiss (@keyboardsurfer)

  • Android Developer Relations Engineer

Sam Edwards (@HandstandSam)

  • Google Developer Expert
  • Instructor at

Juhani Lehtimäki (@lehtimaki)

  • Google Developer Expert
  • Founder & Android Lead at @snappmobile_io

And 4 Twitter Lists that were brought to my attention by Nate Ebel!
Feminati - ASG

Kotlin GDEs

Android GDEs

Android DevRel

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