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Continuous Deployments Foster DevOps Culture

DevOps culture is talk of the town now a days. Organizations are pushing their management and employees for faster adoption. The trend is noticeably similar to that of Agile adoption. Sadly, what started as a movement to improve the culture, seems to be heavily misunderstood, much like Agile was, and is being adopted and implemented in a way that would make zero difference. I have this feeling in the guts, that says very soon "DevOps is dead" will be trending.

As part of the adoption, most organizations now have a DevOps team. Many of them, to support the movement, have renamed operations to DevOps. These newly formed (rather renamed) DevOps teams are still not ready to let go the control over the release process. Likewise, the developers are neither ready nor being prepared for the added responsibilities that comes with the adoption of DevOps culture.

Organizations are adopting DevOps culture primarily to improve their rate of delivery. In my humble opinion, DevOps culture itself is not a cause but an effect. An effect itself cannot bring any improvement, rather its presence is a sign of improvement. So if DevOps culture if an effect then what is the cause ? Continous Delivery / Continuous Deployment is the cause. Organizations that adopt CD will only be the ones with true DevOps culture.

Organizations should focus on CD rather than the DevOps hype, to improve their speed of delivery. CD at its core is about improving developer productivity and for a successful CD implementation developers first should to be empowered and then made accountable for the entire release process.

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