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ChatGPT, the last nail on the coffin for coding interviews?

You know how you rely on Google to solve all of your life's problems? No? So it's just me then?

Programmers ,I'm certain, can relate when it comes to solving their coding problems. Now imagine if Google were on steroids. That's how some are describing ChatGPT.

An image implying that ChatGPT is here to replace Google
The AI is here to disrupt and it's thrilling to see how the tech industry will take to it specifically with regards to coding interviews.

An image showing human beings working together with AI
Some companies might opt to ditch coding interviews entirely and stick to holding technical discussions with candidates. Some might just tighten the monitoring process of the interviews.

Programming interviews might now be more focused on understanding problem solving capabilities, thought processes and assessing familiarity with tools (such as ChatGPT).

Looking at the glass as half full, ChatGPT will open the door for new and interesting ways of solving problems including for hiring good people.

An image showcasing how AI will help humanity to solve problems
Software engineers you can relax, your jobs will be safe , probably.

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