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Open-source TypeScript Tutorial

Shashank Katte
Full Stack Developer and Agile DevOps practitioner from Toronto
・1 min read

Here's a simple, Open-source repo to learn and practice TypeScript.

Instead of creating a long article on all the basics of TypeScript, I have created a GitHub Repo with the combination of README and source files to help us learn and refresh our TypeScript skills right in our code editor.

It's a growing open-source repo, where you can collaborate and enhance it with your knowledge, practice code snippets, sample apps and best practices.

Beginners, experts and curious minds all are welcome.

Discussion (2)

prnvbirajdar profile image
Pranav Birajdar

Thank you for this! I just started using TS in React and I'm kinda lost.

shashankkatte profile image
Shashank Katte Author

Thank you. There is more coming for this repo. Feel free to add your learnings and sample apps. It will help you and all of us 👍