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Getting started as a Frontend Developer

Tech in itself is a huge world out there! with a vast number of domains. Some are lucky enough to get into a domain of there interest at the very beginning of their career, some might start off with something that is completely opposite from the field they want to move ahead in, also some may be confused even after having worked a few years into a domain that if this is the direction they want to proceed in.

If you're someone who's looking to work or switch their career to frontend, you're at the right place !

I started my career as a Cyber Security Analyst right out of college, although Cyber Security is a great field but it just wasn't the direction I wanted to sail the boat of my career in. It wasn't easy, it took time, had to put in a lot of hours but one it was definitely worth it!

Here's a small roadmap based on my experience of undergoing a career change to help you get started with frontend development and land your first job!

Let us first look at a checklist to understand what all do we need to cover:

1. The Basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git)
2. React
3. Working of Frontend and Backend
4. Integrating Frontend with Backend
5. Projects to showcase
6. Interview Prep
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Here are the resources (in the order they are to be completed) to get you up and running on your feet and to a level where you can apply for jobs as a Software Engineer - Frontend.

  • Getting started with the basics
    The above playlist which has been created by Tanay Pratap, Tanay sir is someone who has played a huge role in my journey of becoming a frontend developer!
    This is a playlist that will help you get started with the basics of programming, if you're someone who has zero knowledge about programming, then this is the playlist to help you get started! If you complete this playlist and create all the projects mentioned in it, you can strike off the first point in the checklist and should be good to proceed to the next level!

  • Making your first big project
    The above udemy course is one of the best I've found to be if you're wondering about how to get started with the first ever project in React that the recruiter will actually be impressed with! In this course you will cover most of the things which are mentioned in the checklist above! This will help you get started with React, help you understand the working of NodeJS, will give you an idea about how Frontend and Backend work and finally how to integrate them. Finishing this will give you a wonderful project and a great boost in confidence to get into the field.

  • More Projects
    Now since you have gained quite a good knowledge of how things work, all you need to do is to get your hands dirty with more projects ! Above is a channel where you'll find a number of videos about making various projects in React step by step. I'd encourage you to try out original ideas but if at times you're stuck wondering what to make, there's no harm in trying and implementing the projects from the videos such as above since it's all about gaining knowledge and confidence in the practical skills.

If you've made it this far! give youself a pat on the back! because you can now call yourself a frontend developer and start applying for jobs!

Well now there's just one thing you need to focus on, what is that? INTERVIEWS !

Well don't worry I've got something for that too!

  • Interview Prep You now have a good knowledge about how stuff works, but you might still be unaware of a number of concepts that are used in the industry and most importantly asked during interviews! So the above playlist will help you cover some really important topics providing you in-depth knowledge to bag thos jobs you applied to!

Good Luck hunting for jobs! Do reach out to me on LinkedIn and let me know if this helped you getting started as a frontend developer!

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