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This is a weird post because it’s sort of an app promotion but I’m not being paid for it. Either way, I think this app deserves a little bit of attention.

Everyone needs a to-do list. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who’s pretty flexible when it comes to task completion. For a long time, I rarely ever used to-do lists because I was usually pretty good at remembering what I had to do. As time went on, however, I needed a better way to keep track of things. So, naturally, I turned to software. That’s when I found Todoist, a simple app for keeping track of things.

The reason I’m promoting this app and not others is because it’s free(ish) and it has a nice interface that allows for me to keep track of the specific tasks I have to do. Additionally, I use the app to keep track of project ideas that I want to try out over the weekend since I usually don’t get time to experiment on the weekdays. The app allows me to plan out what I have to do today, tomorrow, and for the next week, which is extremely useful since some to-do list apps are only useful for planning what you want to do on that day. As you add and complete tasks, Todoist measures your progress by providing daily summary reports of the number of tasks you are completing, which other apps don’t do. Speaking of completing tasks, the final — and perhaps best — aspect of the app is that it “rewards” you for completing tasks. Todoist has a feature called “karma” where you earn points for completing more tasks. By gaining a certain number of points, you go to a different level. This feature makes Todoist quite good for productivity, and motivates me to complete the pending — and often boring — tasks that I have to complete in a day.

Of course, every app has a downside. Todoist operates on a freemium model, meaning that certain features like weekly summary reports and labels, are not accessible if you don’t upgrade to their premium version. The biggest problem with this app is that reminders are a premium feature. I usually don’t need reminders to complete tasks, I just need to remember what they are, so this isn’t a problem for me. However, if you need reminders, then maybe upgrading to the premium version or getting a different app would be a good choice.

Thoughts? Opinions? Concerns? Leave a comment below! 😀

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I'm testing it! They gave me 2 premium months to try. Did you find a way to remind you of something like this: Remind me to exercise at least 4 times a week? Or something like that? Also, there's a way to see a calendar with a checkmark on the days you completed that task?


No worries I love it while regularly see post about Notion and others Todoist is my daily tool. I'm a Grand Master 🦸🏿‍♂️