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My Pluralsight Courses are Free for April Too!

shawnwildermuth profile image Shawn Wildermuth Originally published at on ・2 min read

Free April As we're all in this crisis together, Pluralsight has opened up their entire library for free in April. No Credit Card needed! Just sign up.

If you haven't used Pluralsight before, I thought I'd recommend some courses (mine and others). If you're home, this is a great time to improve your skills and hide from the rest of your family. At least that's my plan.

Getting Up To Speed with .NET

Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular (My Course)

Entity Framework Core: Getting Started (Julie Lerman)

Designing RESTful Web APIs(My Course)

Building an API with ASP.NET Core (My Course)

Xamarin: The Big Picture (Gill Cleeren)

Using gRPC in ASP.NET Core (My Course)

Front End Web Development

Front-End Web Development Quick Start With HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (My Course)

Angular: Getting Started (Deborah Kurata)

Vue: Getting Started (John Papa)

Career Skills

How to Get Your Next Promotion (Jason Alba)

Professionalism for Developers (by Nate Taylor)

Thanks for watching!

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