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Book Club: DevOps Edition

Welcome to my newest blog series: Book Club. The first rule about book club is you don’t talk about…. Wait, that’s a different club. Let’s start again. ;)

#DevSecCon Seattle, 2019

I read, a lot. I listen to audiobooks when I walk, drive, exercise and wait for anything. I can’t get enough, I want to learn it all. This series will be once a month, and I will tell you only about books that I read and thought were helpful; I will leave out the garbage.

This months’ edition of Book Club is all about DevOps! All four of these books are also available in audiobook version, which means they get an A+ for absorbability and convenience.

Book 1: The Unicorn Project is the sequel to The Phoenix Project and it is absolute delight. It details projects and teams off the rails, and how to get everything back on track. It discusses several helpful and informative topics, but the part about “phycological safety at work”was my favourite part. One last thing; when I grow up I want to be Maxine!

The Unicorn Project: A Novel About Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data
Written by: Gene Kim (Hi Gene! Keep being awesome!)

Book 2: If you work in tech, have ever developed software, or want to feel “seen”, read this book; The Phoenix Project. It’s so true. You will also learn a lot about how to do better. Read this first.

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win
Written by: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

Book 3: The next thing you should read on your DevOps learning adventure is The DevOps Handbook. It will explain what “The Three Ways” are of DevOps, how to “do” DevOps, and give you a giant list of activities, tools and ideas to give you more than enough to become dangerous. I feel this book should be mandatory reading for all software developers and AppSec people.

The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations
Written by: Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, Jez Humble

Book 4: Accelerate is about how to kick ass and take names at DevOps and scientific proof that DevOps ‘works’. It’s also read by one of the authors, Nicole Forsgren, and quite frankly: she’s awesome. If you are into infrastructure as code, security as code, and the “ops” side of DevOps, this book is especially for you.

Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations
Written by: Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble, Gene Kim

The last book I will mention in this edition of Book Club is “The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data” by Gene Kim. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m about to, and I cannot wait. I LOVE data, using data to work smarter not harder, and even more than that I love disruptive tech. Obviously I shouldn’t recommend it because I haven’t read it but... I suggest you go get it anyway. :)

For this and more, check out my book, Alice and Bob Learn Application Security and my online training academy, We Hack Purple!

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Dinah Davis

Yes, Yes, and More Yes!!! I have read these amazing books. My whole development organizational performance is based on Accelerate. I look at is as everything we intuitively thought was the right way to run development organizations proven to be true with Data! Love it. I have not read the Unicorn Project. Will look that one up.

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Helical Inc.