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My first css-tricks article

Coming full circle

In 2010, I started to learn web development. I was 29 years old. You can read the whole story here if you want.

I watched two courses on and one of those courses was Chris Coyier's 'WordPress' course.

Who knew what an effect it would have on me

Chris worked through the business goals, and the assets, and the planning, and build out the whole thing in HTML first. Then he went over the whole PHP system (which was just mindblowing for me) - and step by step he builds a theme from scratch. (well you know... as scratch as you can - there being a framework and all)

I had NO idea how "web 2.0" worked... or what LAMP or MAMP was. I had no idea what PHP was... or how templates worked or what "dynamic" meant. And he did it all while working with best practices and standards - and well, he did a great job.

I loved reading his blog at css-tricks

CSS was a lot more quirky back then! and it was a lifesaver.

These days, CSS-tricks is about A LOT more than just CSS.

and specifically today! They've published my article On Type Patterns and Style Guides. It's about typography and CSS but it's really about breaking down the barriers between "creatives" and "coders."

If you like CSS and typography - or have ever had a hard time managing type styles in large projects - or you like live-style guides and ~ Then please give her a read and let me know your thoughts!

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