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Nik Shevchenko
Nik Shevchenko

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Memory size of Javascript Boolean


Javascript in the browser works a level above Javascript Engine (V8, Rhino, JavaScriptCore, SpiderMonkey). These engines follow the ECMAScript Standards. ECMAScript defines the standard for the scripting language. [1]

In this post, we will use V8 Engine by Google. The V8 Engine:

  • The V8 Engine is written in C++ and used in Chrome & in Node.js, among others.
  • It implements the ECMAScript Standard as specified in ECMA-262. [1]

More specific documentation of the V8 Engine is available at docs.

The main scheme of compilation JavaScript code to Machine Code:

Javascript to Machine Code scheme

Each object takes a specific size in memory and C++ or ECMAScript specify on this size.


Size: 4 bytes or 1 byte

A boolean is actually 1 byte. But alignment may cause 4 bytes to be used on a 32-bit platform or 8 bytes on a 64-bit platform. This old trick comes from the observation that allocated memory takes up at least 4 or 8 bytes, and are aligned in the way that the least significant bit or three will be zero.

In C++, the size of the type boolean is implementation-defined (expr.sizeof[p1]) and is usually equal to 1 (the size of the type char, and the smallest size a type can have), but is not required to be (expr.sizeof[fn77]): in particular, in Visual Studio up to version 4.2, it was 4. More information about C++ boolean values is available at docs[expr.sizeof(].


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Stephen Rayner

Why did you write this article? What problem was you solving and why was this information important for that context?

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Nik Shevchenko

Hey Stephen! I worked on front-end applications for processing ( high-quality & resolution images (space telescope images for example). One important thing about stable work is to use as little data (between frontend & backend) as possible. This article is part of my R&D process..

brianenno profile image

Thank you Nik, really usefull article!