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Gitalytics - A simple overview of Github activities

shhdharmen profile image Dharmen Shah Updated on ・1 min read

What I am planning to build

A simple analytics like tool which will give overview of developer's Github activities based on mainly 2 inputs: username and date-range.

Category Submission: Random Roulette

Link to Source Code

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🐙 🐱 📊 Gitalytics - A simple overview of your Github activities


A simple overview of your github activities


Instructions to Deploy to App Platform

Deploy to DO

You can use the Deploy to DigitalOcean button to deploy this repo directly to App Platform.

Permissive License: MIT


I got inspired from Spotify Year in Review feature and thought that developers should also see their 'Github Year in Review'.

How I am going to build it

This is mostly going to be Angular app. I am planning to use:

  1. Angular Material for UI
  2. ng2-charts for charts
  3. Bootstrap for layout
  4. html2canvas for exporting images

With above, I will also need below thigs, which are new for me:

  1. Github APIs
  2. Digital Ocean Platform

Additional Resources/Info

As I keep making progress, I will keep writing more articles in this series.

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raddevus profile image

This looks interesting and like something I would use. I'll keep checking back as you move forward with development. I've created my entry for the #doHackathon too. I see you're a frontend dev and I'd really appreciate it if you get a few moments to check out my app and let me know what you think. Good luck in the challenge.

shhdharmen profile image
Dharmen Shah Author

I will have an in-depth look into it soon. But briefly, it's looking good.

I like this statement:

Every year I get the same request from my manager: Send me a list of your accomplishments for the year.


Congratulations for the app...

mrbeanguy profile image

Well, goodluck!

shhdharmen profile image
radiomorillo profile image
Stephanie Morillo

This is awesome. We definitely need better analytics in GitHub. Good luck!

shhdharmen profile image
chris__sev profile image
Chris Sev

Really like this idea. Excited to see it!