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✨ Day 1 of the #100DaysofCode challenge ✨

Day 1 of the #100DaysofCode challenge

I'm going to start this challenge super excited! My goal in this #100DaysofCode is to be able to study the MERN technology stack.

I'm going to be honest, I have some experience with JavaScript and React, but almost nothing, this led me to decide today (12-01-2022) to start this challenge, I'm going to go through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB and more.

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Today I'm going to start learning HTML probably, at the end of the day I'll go through the comments to say how it went.

It will be quite difficult, but I trust myself and my judgement. It's not going to be a simple walk in the park, I plan to spend about 3-4 hours a day.

My goal is not to get out of the challenge being a junior or a senior, but to be able to build scalable software on my own and be able to improve myself, since I am not going through one of my best stages with programming.

I hope I can have fun and enjoy this!!!

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Shiru Dev

I feel very happy, I was able to finish learning the magnificent HTML, one of the bases of web development, I am going to engage in this challenge to achieve my mission of being a professional web developer.
I think that anyone who has a goal with programming should try this (yes, I say it on day one), tomorrow it will be time to learn CSS, I will spend approximately 4 to 6 days on this.

Nothing more to say, tomorrow I will recount my experience with day 2 of the #100DaysOfCode challenge

If you read this, thank you and I wish you the best of luck! (2/2)

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Shiru Dev • Edited

Hello! Me again here. I was able to learn everything about HTML, including meta elements and input elements. On the other hand, I learned how to organize a web page with its typical header, nav, article, section, footer . (1/2)

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